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Joanne’s Story

Ever since childhood, my hands and feet were always freezing. As I aged, it got worse and worse and, following in-depth exams by Dr. Meunier, now retired, he said I have severe Raynaud’s phenomenon.

Following this, I had more and more asid reflux and, then again, Dr. Duranceau, my gastroenterologist, also now retired, confirmed my œsophagus and sphincter completely paralyzed. I have to slee on a motorized bed to avoid the reflux. Dr. Duranceau told me: “My dear lady, with everytthing you have, it’s worse than cancer. Enjoy what you can, because as tie goes on you will be forced to eat mashed or pureed food.

Scleroderma damaged my lungs, my heart started to harden, severe Raynaud’s caused the amputation of my right middle finger, which has become too painful. I am waiting for the operation. Right now, I am treated by an internist, Dr. Frantz Perpignan. My health has deteriorated to the point that I have to walk with a cane and have a panoply of medications for pain, acid reflux, etc. I had never spoken about this to Scleroderma Quebec before, even though I attended a meeting at Place Bonaventure.

Joanne Morel