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Support in your community

Scleroderma Quebec strongly believes in the merits of self-help groups. Support group meetings create an environment conducive to discussions by providing a meeting place where people affected by the disease can share personal experiences and learn how to improve their well-being.

Providing support to scleroderma patients and their families is the objective that we have set for ourselves in establishing various self-help groups. 

Kind-hearted people

Support groups, made up of dedicated community-based volunteer resource persons, allow scleroderma patients to break out of their isolation by answering their questions and providing easy access to accurate and understandable information about their disease and well-being, thus improving their quality of life.

Would you like to learn more about scleroderma? Do you feel isolated? Join your local support group: as well as offering a warm welcome, they have  relevant information and resources related to scleroderma. Do not hesitate to contact us.

To join a virtual support group on Zoom, please contact Violet Konrad at 819 566-8391.


Abitibi-Témiscamingue *
Louise Bourgault loubourgault@hotmail.com 819-825-7630
Monique Arsenault monicarseno@icloud.com 819-856-5220
Bas St-Laurent/Gaspésie *
Louise Vidricaire elvee@sympatico.ca 418-240-2620
Jacinthe Savage jacinthesavage59@gmail.com 418-398-9822
Violet Konrad vkonrad@bell.net 819-566-8391
Couronne Nord (Laval, Laurentides, Lanaudière) *
Michel Roberge roberge.michel@videotron.ca 514-830-3467
Estrie *
Violet Konrad vkonrad@bell.net 819-566-8391
Édouard-Charles Lebeau lebeau@bell.net 819-566-8391
Valérie Verreault valerie.verreault@usherbrooke.ca 819-791-2150
Mauricie/Centre-du-Québec (Personnes-ressources)
Dolorès Dupuis    
René Blier ddupuis8875@gmail.com 819-378-2869
(Bénévole recherché pour animation de rencontres)
Montérégie *
Louise Vidricaire elvee@sympatico.ca 418-240-2620
Violet Konrad vkonrad@bell.net 819-566-8391
Lise St-André sclerodermiemontreal@gmail.com 1-844-990-6789
Bénévole recherché info@sclerodermie.ca 1-844-990-6789
Québec (Personne-ressource)
Maryann Côté maryann_cote@hotmail.com 418-929-6246
(Bénévole recherché pour animation de rencontres)
Saguenay/Charlevoix *
Louise Vidricaire elvee@sympatico.ca 418-240-2620
Violet Konrad vkonrad@bell.net 819-566-8391
Sorel-Tracy *
Manon Boulanger manonb62@hotmail.com  
Violet Konrad vkonrad@bell.net 819-566-8391
Groupe d’entraide pour hommes *
Michel Brunelle



Groupe de soir et de fin de semaine *
Manon Boulanger manonb62@hotmail.com  
Violet Konrad vkonrad@bell.net 819-566-8391

* These resource people regularly host virtual or telephone meetings. Their contact information is updated on our website at scleroderma.ca under the Support Group tab. It is permitted to attend a meeting offered in another region if the time slot suits you better, depending on your availability.

Scleroderma Quebec, is looking for volunteers with scleroderma or caregivers who would like to lead a Scleroderma Quebec support group. We need volunteers for certain regions, as well as for the formation of a group for young adults with scleroderma.

As a first step, we invite you to contact us to attend meetings on Zoom to see how things are going. In this regard, you will find the testimony of a person who participates in our virtual meetings by clicking on this link.  At the appropriate time, training will be given to future candidates for group facilitation.


Kind regards,

Violet Konrad
Support committee member.
819 566-8391