What is Scleroderma?

Scleroderma is a little-known and incurable autoimmune disease of as yet unknown cause that involves four main abnormalities: dysregulation of the immune system associated with the presence of very specific autoantibodies, inflammation, microvascular damage, and fibrosis.

Scleroderma is diagnosed in thousands of Quebecers and Canadians.  It is characterized by an overproduction of collagen and damage to the blood vessels that causes excessive scarring within the various organs.  This imbalance leads to a hardening of the skin (fibrosis) and an alteration of the affected organs.  Moreover, in most cases, scleroderma limits the motor skills and dexterity of those affected and causes great physical and psychological suffering since it produces disfiguring appearance-related changes.  Read more






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Last updated : May 30, 2022


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