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Standards and criteria for the Allocation of Scleroderma Research Grants and Awards



Scleroderma Quebec intends to stimulate and support clinical, fundamental and translational research in scleroderma, with the aim of maximizing its investment by generating a leverage effect on other sources of financing.

Scleroderma Quebec welcomes co-funding and thus contributes to the development of research projects with the goal of improving the quality of life and life expectancy of scleroderma patients and ultimately, to defeat the disease.

Scleroderma Quebec favours the award of scholarships and research funds for graduate studies in scleroderma in order to contribute to the advancement of knowledge and foster the next generation of researchers.

Scleroderma Quebec welcomes research projects that encourage collaboration and the sharing of data needed by researchers and experts to contribute to the advancement of scientific knowledge in Canada and around the world.

Scleroderma Quebec will provide exceptional funding, in partnership, for the purchase of leading-edge scientific equipment that will promote significant progress in scleroderma research in the short and medium term.

Finally, Scleroderma Quebec will occasionally subsidize projects aimed at providing beneficial services to the scleroderma community and any other project deemed relevant that meets the requirements of this policy.


  • The applicants must have a place of business, primarily in Quebec or Canada.

  • Projects must take place over a maximum period of 5 years.

  • Student scholarships or research funds may be awarded for a maximum period of 3 years.



Requests for financial assistance to Scleroderma Quebec can be made throughout the year by detailed presentation to Scleroderma Quebec’s Board of Directors and/or the submission of proposals.

Grants applications must be presented or submitted to the Board of Directors of Scleroderma Quebec. The Board of Directors receives and responds to requests for financial assistance, taking into account the funds available for research.



The research projects that will be accepted, depending on the available budget, will first be those that already benefit from government financial support or whose financial support from Scleroderma Quebec could be used as leverage to obtain a government grant.  In some cases, Scleroderma Quebec’s contribution may be conditional on obtaining such government financial assistance.



The following scleroderma research  organizations are eligible for financial assistance from Scleroderma Quebec:

  • Universities and affiliated researchers;

  • Students pursuing masters or doctoral studies in university;

  • Research groups or institutions affiliated with universities;

  • Health care institutions and teaching hospitals;

  • Research institutes.

Applicants who will be prioritized will have a place of business in Quebec and their research projects will take place in Quebec or Canada.  Eligible applicants may apply for grants from Scleroderma Quebec to fund research that will be carried ou in collaboration with scientists based primarily in Canada and elsewhere in the world.

Scleroderma Quebec does not provide funds directly to the researcher, but rather to the organization or institution with which the Nominated Principal Applicant is normally associated as an employee.



The application for financial assistance must be accompanied by the following specifications:

  • A detailed description of the research project;

  • Be accompanied by the documents listed below:
  • The objectives;
  • The methodology;
  • Expected outcomes;
  • A detailed budget;
  • Expected funds from other sources;
  • In the case of funding from government sources, include as an appendix any document certifying that the funding is granted. If government assistance has not yet been granted at the time of application, indicate the amount of financial assistance requested and the percentage that it represents in relation to the overall research project.

Mandatory documents to be provided:

  • Résumes of project managers;

  • Letter attesting to government financial assistance for the project when conditional.  If this assistance has not yet been granted at the time of application, provide a copy of the funding application submitted to obtain funding from government sources.

Non-mandatory documents, but useful in the assessment:  

  • Letters of support;

  • Summary of the latest annual activity report;

  • Letter from the partner(s) providing financial, material or human support to the project.

The application for a student scholarship or research fund must be accompanied by the following specifications:

  • An application file including:
  • Candidate identification: personal information, status in Canada
  • Résumé;
  • The tittle of the specific graduate program, and degree sought
  • The name of the universiti attended;
  • Identification of the research supervisor;
  • The duration of the period covered by the scholarship;
  • A brief description of the research;
  • Letter(s) of recommandations;
  • Proof of Canadien citizenship or permanant



Except in the case of a grant to te scleroderma Research Chair, since a Chair agreement has been signed, a financial contribution agreement will be signed jointly by the President of Scleroderma Quebec and one of the following three directors, the Vice-president, Secretary or Treasurer, as well as by the official representative of the appliant who has obtained financial support for his or her research project.  A periodic research progress report and a final report must be submitted to Scleroderma Quebec in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

Payment of the grant will be made according to the conditions provided for in the financial contribution agreement.  Annual or bi-annual instalments are subject to the submission of a report on research activities.



Research projects must be submitted to the Board of Directors of Scleroderma Quebec, accompanied by all the documents required for the assessment of the application. All correspondence about funding applications should be sent to the following address:

Scleroderma Quebec
550, chemin Chambly, Suite 40, Longueuil, QC  J4H 3L8
For information : (514) 990-6789 or info@sclerodermie.ca.